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Esplanade 1925 lounge & coctail bar

Fall in Love with Pumpkin and Chestnuts

Absorb the chic atmosphere of Le Bistro and enjoy the irresistible autumn fruits in their new delightful and delicious combinations crafted by chef Ana Grgić.

Revive yourself with the taste of fine pumpkin cream soup with brie cheese and pumpkin seeds crostini. Surrender to the seductive combination of foie gras bruschetta and chestnuts cream. Bite into the pumpkin croquettes with thick cream of Parmesan cheese or a creamy risotto with pumpkin and chestnut crumble.

Treat yourself with a delicate pumpkin tart served with tempting pumpkin seed ice cream. Time to enjoy the delicious pumpkin and tonka bean crème brûlée or dark chocolate and chestnuts mousse. Complete the experience with premium wine and sparkling wine by the glass and brighten the grey mood of autumn’s everyday life.


Take your seat at Le Bistro!

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