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Esplanade 1925 lounge & coctail bar

Tempting summer culinary creations reserved for feel-good moments

Find out how chef Ana Grgic’s gourmet creations manage not to leave a single palate thrilled in the new season. Innovative culinary combinations inspired by summer and positive vibrations invite you to taste them: unusual goat cheese ice cream, delicious dandelion cream, irresistible octopus carpaccio, wild herb and escargot orzoto or caramelised nectarines with basil semifreddo and mascarpone cheese – it’s all yours to choose.

New, perfectly chilled wine and champagne collection will bring everything to the next level and you can continue enjoyment at your own home with the delightful Gourmet collection to-go.

Step into the sun-filled Le Bistro and dive into the magic of new selected flavours. We’re waiting for you!

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