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The First Porsche Destination Charger for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles in Croatia

Prestigious brands Porsche and Esplanade Zagreb have united their visions and enabled their guests to charge their hybrid vehicles from now on – for free

Through this project, the Esplanade Hotel confirms its regard for sustainability and the promotion of green energy, also proving that it follows the latest global trends and standards in unique luxury services

After being the first in the region to install destination chargers for Tesla electric vehicles a couple years ago, the Esplanade, through its vision of sustainable business, has established a new collaboration with the automobile house Porsche, becoming the first location in Croatia to offer its guests, Porsche vehicle owners (as well as all others who own vehicles with standard European connectors), the possibility to charge their vehicles free of charge using the Porsche destination station.

‘This service once again proves that the Esplanade is among the top hotels who, following the latest trends in the luxury services market, are trying to exceed the expectations of their guests and offer a different experience of their stay. Porsche is synonymous with high quality, excellent design and a specific lifestyle, as is the Esplanade Hotel, so it makes me extremely happy we have achieved this unique collaboration. To support our guests who are trying to live sustainably and who have a Porsche or another brand of hybrid or electric vehicle with a European connector, we have decided to set up a charging station within the hotel area – without a fee for our guests. Practice had shown that guests positively react to these kinds of innovations and implementing new luxury service trends is a way of business that we are especially proud of. Since we have already installed Tesla destination chargers, we hope we will be seeing only ‘green tin pets’ on our parking lot soon,’ said Ivica Max Krizmanić, General Manager of the Esplanade.

At Porsche, they believe that electric energy is the future of mobility. Renewable energy that can transmit minimal amounts of CO2 and ensure enough power to cover long distances with short stops on the destination stations network is a goal which has been reached with lithium ion batteries and powerful electric motors, which effectively convert this combination into the force of the future. Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle charging stations are environmentally friendly and reliable devices. Another option for Porsche hybrid owners is the Porsche Connect app, which allows drivers to more quickly locate a desired charging station by showing charging locations, nearby, along the road, or at the destination, among them the Esplanade Hotel. In addition, drivers can check the mechanical state of the vehicle and find, lock, or unlock the vehicle using their smartphones.

At the Porsche destination station for electric vehicles, one needs only a couple of hours for a complete charge, with the help of an 11 kW charger. The Model Type 2, which is located within the area of the Esplanade Hotel, offers the possibility of charging all European hybrid and electric vehicles, which additionally increases its value because of the huge number of car brands that can be charged there. In Europe, there are currently 49 thousand Porsche stations for charging across 12 different countries. After the installation of this first station, Porsche Centre Zagreb feels that, considering the ever growing number of existing hybrid vehicles in the Republic of Croatia as well as the fast-growing trend of hybrid technology, the installation of many other stations can soon be expected throughout Croatia.


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About the Porsche automobile house
As described by Mr. Ferry Porsche, founder of the Porsche automobile house, the brand was created based on this idea: ‘In the beginning I looked around and could not find the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.’ From the very beginning to the present day, the typical Porsche DNA can be recognized in each and every model – a combination of high standards of quality, popularity and always-modern design. The fundamental principal of developing a brand is to always get the most out of everything, while the vision for the future is to translate performance into speed and success – in the most intelligent way possible. The confirmation of the previously stated is that 70% of ever made Porsche vehicles are on the roads even today.

Porsche contact:
Hrvoje Lapić
Porsche Brand Manager
Porsche Centre Zagreb
T. +385 (0)1 3473 801, M. +385 (0) 99 81 39 158
E. [email protected] 

The Esplanade Hotel, Zagreb’s most prestigious hotel, was built in 1925 with the aim of providing superior accommodation and service to passengers of the Orient Express, which featured en route between Paris and Istanbul. The Esplanade Hotel is one of the most elegant buildings in Zagreb, and since first opening its doors has been a site of key social events in the capital. The hotel offers guests unparalleled luxury and has always been a clear favourite for attracting celebrities. The impressive list of famous guests includes Josephine Baker, Charles Lindbergh, Leonid Brezhnev and many others. After its complete reconstruction in 2004, the hotel reopened and has since emerged as a true star hotel in the region, as evidenced by a series of earned awards. These include the World Luxury Hotel Awards, Condé Nast Traveller Gold List and Readers’ Choice Awards, Expedia Insiders’ Select list, World Travel Awards, as well as many others.

Always first
From the moment it opened its doors, the Esplanade Hotel was first in many things. It introduced new standards, new services and new offers to its guests for the first time in the region. This hotel has always set and kept pace with the newest global trends in the hotel industry, fashion, gastronomy and luxury lifestyle. More at www.esplanade.hr

Contact Esplanade:
Sanda Sokol, PR & Marketing Manager
T. +385 1 45 66 036, M. +385 91 47 666 47
E. [email protected]

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