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Esplanade 1925 lounge & coctail bar

Asparagus – wild green messengers of springtime at Le Bistro

Truly enjoy the first days of spring with the aphrodisiac features of this seemingly modest food as we transform it into your beloved springtime culinary delight.

Gentle cream soup with brie cheese croquettes, tasty Istrian smoked ham and scrambled eggs, creamy risotto with delicious smoked Buratta, crispy pie with shrimp or salmon and creamy polenta, all combined with the main seasonal ingredient – asparagus. Guaranteed to give you that welcomed dose of springtime colour and energy.

Go ahead and indulge in the rich taste and high nutritional value of this special ingredient which will win over the hearts of true gourmets during the Days of Asparagus in the charming Le Bistro until mid April 2016.

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