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Esplanade 1925 lounge & coctail bar

Sensual bubbles of pure pink ice-pleasure

Spoil yourself with the latest delicious drink from the legendary Moët & Chandon family – Moët Ice Impérial Rosé, the first created champagne to be served exclusively with ice.

Immerse in those aromatic summer flavours with a glass of sparkling refreshment and surprise yourself with the explosion of rich, fruity peachcherry, and cranberry with sharp tones of grapefruit and nectarines at the end of each and every captivating sip.

Good company and holding a glass of fine sparkling refreshment is the perfect combination for relaxing in the warm sunshine on the most beautiful terrace in the city. Furthermore, go ahead and try the tempting light snacks or the sensational seasonal ice cream of the summer Oleander menu.

This superb light drink served with three ice cubes is on offer exclusively throughout the summer months at the global “hotspots” bars.

Don’t let this summer sensation pass you by.

Go ahead and book your place at the Oleander terrace.

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