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Esplanade 1925 lounge & coctail bar

The Queen Of The Summer Garden

Treat yourself to the charm of Le Bistro and delicious gourmet creations  by Chef Ana Grgić including vibrant juicy tomatoes

An inevitable ingredient of every summer delicacy – the tomato.  Originating from Peru, it found its way to Europe in the Spanish galleys and due to its alluring magical taste it was given the name apple of love. We have prepared a combination of that juicy taste of sun-drenched tomatoes to remind you of the warm summer stories and bring a touch of Mediterranean magic to your day.

Spoil yourself and enjoy a rich tomato soup with fennel foam or a cold gazpacho with olive croquettes, or perhaps taste the delightful creamy risotto in combination with dried tomatoes and smoked burrata.

Absorb the freshness of a tomato carpaccio served with crunchy brie or grab those summer flavours with small dried tomatoes in olive oil and vinegar with crunchy bread along with smoked sardines.
Finally, how you round off this light summer gourmet adventure is entirely up to you! A glass of superb Malvasia, Riesling or Chardonnay?

The choice is yours.

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